Writing 201: Catching Up

Wow, this making up new poems every day thing is really challenging! Three days behind so three prompts to post today. Here goes  nothing!

Word: Trust    Form: Acrostic    Device: Internal Rhymes

Not expecting to need to defend my friends.
Excited for change, but then it was all re-arranged.
We invested fourteen years, resulted in tears.
Hurt so deeply and no one dared to care.
Once open doors gated shut, and more.
People once strong, now just following along.
Even the truth, once preferred, is now deferred.

Word: Animal    Form: Concrete    Device: Enjambment


my tree

are green leaves

and some brown branches.

My tree has deeply set roots and

a sturdy trunk. It can be used for swinging

and playing. It can be swaying in the breeze or

bowing down low to the ground…depending on the

weather. You can sometimes find me laughing and having

fun. Other times I am crying and breaking. It depends on my day.

Either way, you

will always be

able to find me

underneath my

monkey tree.

Word: Fog    Form: Elegy    Device: Metaphor

*I did two for this one and relied heavily on the example given.*

Starting the day without clarity, without the blue,
Searching for something at the end of the road.
The warmth, the light, the familiar was hidden,
Only returning when we were far away.
Driving through the chowder that was the evening fog,
Cautious of the carriers of stupidity.
Infecting the road with their bulging blank stares,
Dangerous and destructive creatures of the forest.

So Happy It’s Friday!

It has been a very productive week! At this point, Norby and I have found jobs that will pay the bills…YAY! We also got a vehicle at a great price…YAY! The kids are back in school and doing well…YAY!

It seems like everything is lining up nicely. I really hope it stays that way for a while. The craziness of driving around the country was really starting to get to me. Now that we are getting things settled, I’m feeling a lot more relaxed.

Now, I have some major decisions to make. The next thing to figure out is what I’m going to do with this blog. I want to keep writing but have a hard time staying motivated. I just started the poetry thing this week, but I’m already behind on that. I used to love doing the Daily Prompt but it really is hit-n-miss on the ones available  – the ones I haven’t done already. Plus, it does cost money to keep this thing up and running. Not a lot, but I have to ask myself whether or not it is a priority and should it be a priority?

I also need to figure out how to build my Jamberry business. I definitely want to keep that going but once I start working (next Monday) I will only have the weekends to work my business…unless someone wants to do a party during the day (I’m working nights). I definitely don’t want to give it up! I really love these wraps and they make “doing my nails” so much easier! And when my nails are done, I’m not biting them…that is awesome!!!

Finally, I need to figure out how to better use my time to work on my ministry with World Vision. I’ve been slacking and I don’t like it! There are so many kids that still need sponsors!!! I need to get myself plugged back into idea of getting out of my comfort zone and asking people to put their faith into action.

So much to do! So much to think about! So many decisions to make!

I’ll keep you posted…lol! (and I’ll get caught up on the poetry stuff too)  ;)

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