Day 3: Great Day to Travel

Mississippi to Arkansas (Google Maps) - Ignore the times on these. It takes longer for us with the trailer in tow.
Mississippi to Arkansas (Google Maps) – Ignore the times on these. It takes longer for us with the trailer in tow.

We left pretty early this morning and got back onto I-10. It didn’t take long to get to Louisiana. It was kinda rough passing by New Orleans without stopping, but it will have to wait for another trip. We needed to make up some distance and some time.

Fortunately, there was zero rain to run into today!

Apparently, we have this thing with leaving states twice except for Louisiana…only left that one once as we traveled back into Mississippi to head north up I-55. That was a very long trek!! Once we got to Jackson, we quickly realized how spoiled we had been so far. Let me be nice and just say that I NEVER want to drive through Jackson ever again!

There was a ton of construction and a ton of idiots driving through. I hated it. However, I’m very thankful that we thought to pick up some walkie-talkies so we could communicate with the boys following in Zakk’s car. There were so many lane changes, tractor-trailers speeding through, and morons that shouldn’t have a license. So glad we’re done with that!!!

The road opened up quite a bit for the rest of the drive and it was actually really nice. The scenery was pretty much the same – a lot of trees. However, the hills were a nice change. You don’t see a lot of that in Florida…lol.

Finally, we got to Memphis and going through there was much better than going through Jackson. There were still a lot cars and trucks on the road, but no one really stressed us out. Literally, fifteen minutes later we were out of Tennessee and into Arkansas. The bridge over the Mississippi River was awesome!

Then there was nothing in front of us for miles except flat farm land. We were beginning to wonder if we would ever find a place to stop for the night. We did…Osceola, Arkansas. For the first time in forever, we were asked if we wanted a smoking or non-smoking room and the television is not a flat-screen. :)

Well that’s about it for tonight. Again, please forgive any typos or grammar issues. We’ve been on the road all day and drove through four states (mostly Mississippi). The van is doing well and we are all planning on getting up early and getting back on the road.

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Two Days on the Road

Day 1: Florida…Let Us Go!

Nokomis, Florida to Dothan, Alabama
Nokomis, Florida to Dothan, Alabama (Google Maps)

We hit the road a little bit later than we wanted but we finally got out of there. It was tough leaving everyone behind but we still feel this is an absolutely necessary move for our family.

It was a VERY long drive to get out of Florida and it seemed like I-75 would go on forever. The same can be said about I-10. Our original plan would have taken us to Fort Walton Beach to visit my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she is stuck in Pennsylvania so we changed the route a bit.

Well, that change was not the greatest idea. Once we got off of I-10, we found a lot of hills and even more stop-and-go traffic heading north to Dothan, Alabama. It did feel great to get out of Florida but we were quite surprised by all of the peanut fans in southern Alabama. :)

I thought I would take a lot of pictures but there really wasn’t a lot to look at, let alone take pictures. Anyhow, we stopped for the night to give ourselves and the van a break.

Day 2: Back to Florida…Really?

Dothan, Alabama to Biloxi, Mississippi (Google Maps)
Dothan, Alabama to Biloxi, Mississippi (Google Maps)

I guess you could say that we liked leaving Florida so much, we decided to do it twice!

We got up fairly early, but spent a lot of time trying to figure out which way would be best. We decided to get back on to I-10 and head west. We really didn’t like that stop-and-go mentioned above and the only way to avoid that was to head back to the interstate.

So back to Florida we went.

We traveled west until we got back into Alabama again. Then continued on and made it all the way to Mississippi. Yay! Some progress…lol.

I have to say that we met some interesting people along the way. The hotel desk lady was hilarious with her accent and how she greeted us when we walked through the door with a high-pitched “Hi” and “Bye” when we walked out. She said this every single time and it is forever stuck in my head. :)

There was a great food server at the Arby’s we ate dinner at and she really seemed to appreciate our kindness. Poor thing looked like we were the only customers that had been nice all day. (It seemed like we were the nicest people in Alabama…it was weird. Not like we met everyone that lives in Alabama, but the one’s we did meet were surprised with our pleasant attitudes.)

There was also this really nice guy at the gas station up the street from the hotel. He was wearing this bright pink shirt with an animal print bow-tie. He said “thank you” and that he had made it. Very nice guy, but also surprised by my compliment. So weird!

Now we’re in Biloxi, Mississippi and enjoying some rest from all the rain we drove through today. We would have made it a lot farther had it not been so rainy! Oh well, we said we were going to play it safe and that’s exactly what we did. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Well that’s it for now. I’ll try to get back on here tomorrow for Day 3. I hope we’re way closer to Montana. Pray for less rain please! Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. – My apologies for any typos or grammatical errors…I’m one tired girl here.

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