We Made It…Finally

So, where did I leave off?

Oh, yes, we were in Omaha, Nebraska. Well, we did sell the van at Car Max and got $500 for it. Not as much as if we had sold it ourselves, but it helped a bit with the cost of the Uhaul. Yep, we got a Uhaul. It was bigger than we needed but it worked. We decided to stay an extra night in Omaha and take off the next morning.

We left Nebraska and headed north to Sioux Falls and then headed west across South Dakota.

Omaha, Nebraska to Rapid City, South Dakota. (Google Maps)
Omaha, Nebraska to Rapid City, South Dakota. (Google Maps)

It was a very long drive! When we stopped for lunch, it was in Buffalo Ridge at this really creepy place. We were going to have lunch there, but like I said it was really creepy. I’ll posted some pictures eventually but not today. I have too much to catch up on.

We made it all the way to Rapid City and I got some awesome pictures of the sunset. (Again, I’ll post those later.) We left a little later than we wanted to the next morning, but finally got to Montana around 10:30 pm.

Rapid City, South Dakota to Anaconda, Montana. (Google Maps)
Rapid City, South Dakota to Anaconda, Montana. (Google Maps)

I was so happy to see my girls again and we were all happy to be done with driving for a while! It was also nice to sleep int his morning and not have to get up to drive some more!

Sorry this is so short today, but I do have a million things to do and think about. I just wanted to get something on here and not leave anyone hanging. ;)


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Today Was Almost a Good Day

Jackson, Missouri to Omaha, Nebraska (Google Maps)
Jackson, Missouri to Omaha, Nebraska (Google Maps)

Well, we did get some miles in today. We started off in Jackson, Missouri and headed north. We made it through St. Louis but didn’t get to see the arches. We made it through Kansas City, or at least got around it. We even made it up through Saint Joseph, Missouri. Then we hit this hill.

It wasn’t a very large hill, but the van definitely didn’t like it and had a hard time shifting. The lovely check engine light came on again. However, there was nowhere to take it. We kept on going and the van actually seemed to be running normally.

We made it all the way to Omaha, Nebraska.

We figured we needed to get to a city where we could explore our options. At this point, we have completely lost all hope in the van making it through the mountains that sit between us and Montana.

The plan now is to find a Car Max and see if they will give us a few bucks for the van or let us trade it in for something that will get us to where we’re going. This will put a substantial dent into our Seattle funds and probably stick us in Montana for the winter…but what choice to we have? We’re not staying Omaha.

If we can’t do a trade-in thing, then we will try to get a U-Haul or something that we can rent to get the trailer up there. Again, that will take away from our “first, last, and security” fund and leave us car-less, but it will get us there.

At least we got this far…

On a lighter note, I want to give another shout-out to Jackson Tire Center. About an hour or so before we had trouble again, they gave us a call to see how things were going. I thought that was really nice and shows how awesome they are at customer service. I mean really, who does that?

We also got to see some really cool stuff along the way. It hasn’t been much of a road trip. We haven’t stopped at any of the typical tourist sites. Actually we haven’t stopped at any but we are still enjoying the change of scenery. :)

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