Three Things About Montana

Today’s Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).

I know, it’s been a while since I written anything. Today’s prompt has been the first one in a while that I felt I had something to say…well, sort of have something to say. It’s still pretty early here so forgive me if it’s too cheesy. :)

So, every night here is a dark night. The sun comes up from behind some mountains and sets behind some mountains. That is pretty darn cool because it is something I never got to experience in Florida. For most nights the sun came up from behind some trailers and then set behind the privacy fence in my backyard. Most nights in Florida were semi-dark since we had all the street lights going but around here the street lights are few and far between. We get to see a lot more stars around here and that is awesome! :)

The fridge here is nothing extraordinary. Actually, it’s a lot like one we used to have in Florida because it has the freezer on the bottom. The major difference is that I have to climb a set of stairs to get to it. Fortunately, the stair well for the backdoor is next to my room and stays cold most of the time. So…I keep my stash of Pepsi at the bottom of the stairs and then another set in the garage, just in case I’m upstairs and need a beverage. ;)

Finally, the tears. Well, I’ve definitely shed a few since I’ve been here and for a handful of different reasons. Tears of sadness when my grandma passed away. It will be three weeks tomorrow and I still miss her terribly. Also, tears of sadness because we didn’t quite make it to Seattle like we had planned. (We’re still working that out and WILL get there eventually.) However, there have been many tears of joy because we finally got out of that neighborhood and away from those ridiculous neighbors! It is so nice to go outside and NOT hear anyone fighting! It is so nice to look out a window and NOT see a drug deal! When I go out now I see mountains, deer, rabbits, birds, and even some snow. When we go outside now, we hear a whole lot of nothing!

Okay, so there’s three things about Montana including a dark night, my fridge, and some tears…lol.

I’m going to try to get on here everyday to write something. I can’t guarantee it will be the Daily Prompt but it’ll be something. I thought about removing some pictures to save space, but have decided on a different course of action – I’m going to write here and post pics on a different site. More to come on that later…

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My new backyard in Montana.

Soon to be Removed

So my most recent dilemma involves virtual space. I simply don’t have enough! Since I started this blog, I’ve been filling it up with Daily Prompts and a ton of photos. Some of them good and some of them not so good.

Well now I find myself in a whole new state and want to write about it. Yet, WordPress is telling my that I’ve used up most of the free space I had. I can buy more of course, but I just don’t have that in the budget right now.

I thought about creating a new blog and just switching over, but then figured out I’d lose all of the current followers that have been so gracious in clicking that button and following along. I don’t want that to happen and lose everyone!

So I’ve decided to go back and delete, yes I said delete, a big chunk of old stuff. Like I said, it’s mostly Daily Prompt and old photos. It probably won’t be missed – except by spammers who constantly try to get me to post their links on here.

Anyhow, I’m going to free up some space and just wanted to let you know what was going on. I’m going to change the look a bit, maybe pick out a new theme and stuff, and then get back to writing my Not-So-Random Thoughts of Florida Girl…from Montana. :)

Stay Tuned ….

Not-So-Random Thoughts of a Florida Girl in Montana

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