Almost Time to Go

It’s been so weird around here. I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by and how close it is to our last day here in Florida!

I miss my girls!

They are having a blast in Montana with their aunt. Emily loves the mountains and although she hasn’t said so, I’m sure that Anna is loving all of the nature they are finally getting to experience. Just yesterday, they were sending us pictures of some moose they saw on the side of the road saying, “You just don’t get to see that in Florida.”

The boys and I are still wrapping things up around here. We are one week out from our “good-bye” party. It is strange for me and the boys to think about not living in Florida. This is the only place we’ve ever known as “home.” However, we are all still very excited about the possibilities waiting for us out west.

Last night, as we were heading out to a friend’s house, our former friend in the wheelchair was out front yelling and screaming with the neighbors again. It was a great reminder as to why we want to get out of here. I will be so glad to not have to worry about dealing with all of that anymore.

Well, today’s schedule is kind of full so I guess I’ll end this for now. I’ll try to get back when I can to write some more. We’re going to the Pioneer Days street concert tonight so I should have something groovy to write about tomorrow…

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Saturday Morning Fire: One Year Later

About two seconds ago, I realized that it has been exactly one year since an arsonist set fire to my neighbors’ home. Although I truly think about it everyday, it seems just as crazy as it did the day it happened.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAJust like last year, we are in the first weekend after the start of the school year. All we wanted to do that morning was sleep in. My husband had just experienced one of the most exhausting, irritating, and ridiculously busy weeks of his career with the school board. We had a crazy week, too…but really just the normal back-to-school stuff. Nothing like what he had endured.

Fortunately, he was snoring as usual and I volunteered to take the couch and give him the bed. I say fortunately because if I hadn’t I may not have heard my neighbor screaming for help at 5 am. Opening the door to see her running up the driveway and then looking to my left to see the flames at her front step will forever be etched in my brain.

Then watching my husband and my son try their best to put out the flames. I barely remember my conversation with the 911 operator but I clearly remember yelling at everyone to back up and sending my girls next door to my mom’s.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIt was so close to the house. Luckily we had the opportunity to move my car back or it would have melted just like our neighbor’s did. Fortunately, the other neighbor’s propane tank didn’t get too hot.

There were rumors of meth – but lack of evidence on that one. There were rumors of retribution by a former friend but it didn’t quite fit. There were rumors of it being a hate crime but again, no evidence other than suspicion. All we know is that someone busted the water pipes, slit the tires, and started a fire at the front door (probably knowing that the back door was blocked).

It is still so hard to believe that someone would do all of that… but they did. I can tell you my opinion but it would not be anything more than my opinion. It may count, but for me it really doesn’t matter. We are leaving and we’re going to try to leave all of the negativity that has taken over this town behind us.

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